Pet of the Month

December Pet of the Month

Daisy is our December Pet of the Month. She has had a cardiac pacemaker since 2017 and hasn't looked back since! Over the years, Daisy has become much more accepting of Dr. Lorig's shenanigans, and has grown to love (tolerate?) coming in to Community to see her. 

November Pet of the Month

And the winner of our Halloween Costume Contest is...Barkley!!

Not only did he get the most likes in our contest, but this super cute 8 year old chinchilla is also our November Pet of the Month! He shares his home with his rabbit "siblings", but we're hoping he doesn't brag too much...

October Pet of the Month

Our October Pet of the Month is Maggie, an almost 12 year old Pitbull that is definitely a staff favorite around here. She is always so sweet when she comes in and is a wonderfully behaved patient!

September Pet of the Month

Our September Pet of the Month is Sampson, a 15 1/2 year old Persian. He's quite popular here and we love to see the adorable (and sometimes silly) holiday costume pictures that his dad sends us every few months.


August Pet of the Month

Our August Pet of the Month is Yeti. This tough guy has had a rough year while dealing with a few medical issues. One of these involved a skin issue that had him coming in for baths weekly, and he kept his sweet personality throughout all of it. 

July Pet of the Month

Our July Pet of the Month is Lucy, a 7 year old Golden Retriever. Dr. Lorig loves to see her because she is always very polite and happy to be here!

May Pet of the Month

Our May Pet of the Month is Fenway, a super fun 11 year old black Lab. We always enjoy when he visits us, and love that he ALWAYS brings his tennis ball with him! He even got to dress up recently for his dad and mom's wedding!

April Pet of the Month

Our April Pets of the Month are Chase, Jake and Abigail, a family of super sweet Chihuahua mixes. We couldn't just pick one...we had to pick all three this month!

March Pet of the Month

Our March Pet of the Month is Bica, a 13 year old chincilla. This awesome little guy is here frequently to get molar trims (chincillas' teeth never stop growing and if the teeth aren't properly aligned, they won't grind down against each other, resulting in the need to be trimmed). Here he is greeting his anesthesia technician. 

February Pet of the Month

Our February Pet of the Month is Crosby. Sadly, he is no longer with us. He was a friendly, "chill" cat who actually enjoyed being here. He waited for attention from everyone. Crosby will be missed by us, and of course his family.

December Pet of the Month

Our December Pet of the Month is Gus, a 9 year old lab who is such a great dog! He just  makes us smile when he comes in. Look at how handsome he is!

March Pet of the Month

Our March Pet of the Month is Charlie, a 10 year old Chihuahua who is as sweet as can be! She looks super cute, whether she has her summer haircut or her winter fluff!

“If you are looking for top-notch care for your best friends‚ go to Community Animal Hospital. I have been with Community Animal Hospital for nearly 12 years and all three of my dogs receive the very best care. The staff is personable‚ caring‚ and make us feel like extended. The doctors are phenomenal! They are empathetic to your needs but always have your pet’s interest at heart. They are compassionate and extremely knowledgeable which only makes you wish they would treat humans too. Thank you Community Animal Hospital for taking such great care of my best friends!!” ~ Karen A. Wenz

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Pet of the MonthPet of the Month

Pet of the Month

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