Morris County Exotic Pets: Veterinary Care for Reptiles

Veterinary Care for Reptiles at Community Animal Hospital

Your reptile pet is unique but can be vulnerable to skin disease, other pets, and environmental hazards. The professionals at Community Animal Hospital offer these basic guidelines for the care of your exotic pet.

Reptiles, Lizards, and Turtles

The diet, cage requirements, and lighting husbandry for each species are unique and needs to be tailored to your pet's specific preferences. As part of your initial exam, the veterinarian will review proper care and requirements for your reptile, lizard, or turtle.

Nutrition is key and a vital part of good health. Dietary recommendations and supplements will also be discussed at your annual wellness visit.

Metabolic Bone Disease

Nutritional bone disease is common in reptiles that are receiving inadequate or imbalanced calcium in their diet. Symptoms are swollen or crooked limbs, twitching, weakness, or constipation. If your pet is exhibiting any of these signs, please schedule an appointment.


Parasites are extremely common in reptiles. Both intestinal and external parasites can cause trouble, such as impaction, anorexia, and diarrhea. A fecal exam should be performed on all new pets, then annually or as directed. External parasites can cause skin rashes or infections and can transmit disease.

Egg Retention

Female lizards and turtles may produce eggs even if no male is present. If appropriate laying conditions are not provided, eggs may be retained, which can lead to anorexia or peritonitis. If your female is off feed, abdomen appears distended, or is digging a lot, please schedule an appointment.


Individual reptile species have unique husbandry and dietary requirements. Sources such as Anapsid and New York Turtle & Tortoise Society can provide full information.

“The health and well being of my pets is paramount to me. I have been bringing my pets to Community Animal Hospital for over 30 years and find the entire staff to be exceptionally caring‚ knowledgeable‚ and compassionate. I have total trust in them for the care of my pets.” ~ Georgiana Farnsworth

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