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Annual Exams

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

annual examsAnnual exams are important to your pet’s health because it helps detect any abnormalities or infections you may not be aware of.  An annual exam includes examination of the eyes, ears, skin, mouth and teeth.  The abdomen will be palpated to check the bladder, kidneys, liver, intestines, spleen and stomach.  Glands and lymph nodes will also be palpated.  Your veterinarian will listen to the heart and lungs and get the pulse rate.

During the annual exam your veterinarian will ask questions about your pet’s behavior and general health.  Based on your answers and their exam findings, medical suggestions such as vaccines, nutrition, dental care, blood work or other recommendations will be made.

With early detection, steps to manage illness are started sooner and the prognosis improves. This usually makes the treatment less costly than if the condition progesses far enough to affect the quality of life.  Therefore helping your pet live a longer, healthier life.

Pets cannot tell you how they are feeling and may not show any evidence of a problem.  Often they will hide minimal symptom of illness.  During the annual exam your veterinarian may detect early signs of underlying disease and recommend wellness screening tests, a series of blood panels, to determine if the internal organs are functioning properly.  Radiographs of the skeletal system and the appearance of internal organs may also be warrented.

Before the annual exam be prepared with basic information like: the brand of food fed to your pet, if your pet gets table food or suppliments, the amount of exersize, if your cat goes outside, if your dog is leash walked or  freely goes out in yard.  Also bring up any concerns, problems or new behaviors you may have noticed.

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